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Agrasen was a legendary Indian king (Maharaja) of Agroha, a city businessman. The Agartala and the royal community demanded descendants from him. He is known for his grace by associating with the establishment of a kingdom of northern India traders named Agra, and refused to kill animals in Yajnas.

The Indian government issued a stamp in honor of Maharaja Agrenen in 1976

The essence of Agartavan’s origins (“Origin of the forerunners”), Bharatendu Harishchandra (1850-1885), a famous Agarwal writer and poet’s poetry written in the essay of 1871 can be traced. He claimed that the legend has been compiled by “tradition” and “ancient writings”, in particular the text of the story of Shri Mahalakshmi Vrat, he said that the story of Shri Mahalaxmi vrat was included in the grand mythology, which is present in many revisions . However, independent researchers are unable to find the narrative in any version of the grand mythology.

Agrasen divided his state into his 18 children, resulting in the form of eighteen Agarwal clan. Often, the number of the tribe is called seventeen. Another version suggests that Agarhanan conducted 18 Mahayana (“Great Yagna”). During such a sacrifice, Agreesen saw that a sacrificial animal was trying hard to get away from the altar. Seeing Maharaj Agarsen, the animal was filled with compassion. The idea of ​​non-violence (non-violence) caught his mind, so he broke his eighteenth yajna, and announced that no sacrifice would be made in his kingdom in the name of the yagna. Thus, the eighteenth yagya did not complete and Agrasen performed seventeen and a half yagna. The gods appeared in front of him and blessed them with seventy and half tribes


It is believed that King Agarseen married Madhavi, the daughter of King Kumud of Nagalok (Snake Kingdom). Thus, Agarwal is the mother of Madhavi and this is the reason that they worship Naga and believe in them for their maternal uncle.

The following are seventeen and a half hometown of Agrawal:

  1. Garg
  2. Bansal
  3. Bindal
  4. Bhandal
  5. Dharan (clan)
  6. Airan
  7. Goyal
  8. Goyan (half gotra)
  9. Jindal
  10. Singhal
  11. Kanal
  12. Kucchal
  13. Madhukul
  14. Mangal
  15. Mittal
  16. Nangal
  17. Tayal
  18. Tingle

Agarwal is basically a business community involved in various business / commerce. He is the most respected and entrepreneur of the Mercantile tribes. Two of the famous ministers of emperor Akbar were Agarwal, such as Todarmal, who assessed the land, and Madhu Shah, who introduced ‘Madhushahi’ Pais

अग्रवाल इतिहास

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