A sportsman is a player in a sport; but the term also means someone who plays sport in a way that shows respect and fairness towards the opposing player or team.


Name : Harmeet Singh Bansal

Sport : Indian cricketer

Name : S. K. Bansal

Sport : Cricket Umpire

Name : Pushpendra Kumar Garg

Sport : Sportsperson in yachting

Name : Manimala Singhal

Sport : Indian cricketer

Name : Supra Singhal

Sport : Ugandan swimmer

Name : Abhinn Shyam Gupta

Sport : Indian badminton player

Name : Pankaj Gupta

Sport : Indian sports administrators

Name : Sandip Gupta

Sport : Kenyan cricketer

Name : Abhijeet Gupta

Sport : Indian chess player

Name : Karan Goel

Sport : Ranji Indian cricketer

Name : Malaika Goel

Sport : Indian shooter

Name : Rajinder Goel

Sport : Cricketer

Name : Suresh Goel

Sport : Indian National Badminton